Sukesh Chandrasekhar, currently in Mandoli Jail in New Delhi, has penned a new love letter addressed to Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, along with media outlets like ANI, PTI, and IANS. The letter, spanning four pages, expresses his deep affection for Jacqueline and begins by wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day.
In the letter, Sukesh professes his love for Jacqueline and reflects on their relationship, acknowledging past misunderstandings and expressing remorse for any hurt caused. He mentions promises made during their time together and attributes any discord to outside interference, particularly referencing a “Gold Digger” who sought to drive a wedge between them.
Despite challenges, Sukesh emphasizes the strength of their love, declaring Jacqueline as his and vowing to protect her against any adversity. He dismisses criticisms from detractors, asserting that their bond is unbreakable and labeling himself as “BRUTAL” rather than “BAD.”
Sukesh reassures Jacqueline of his support and affection, praising her recent performance at the Umang awards and promising special surprises for Valentine’s Day. He concludes with a dedication of a Valentine’s song and reaffirms his love for her.
In essence, the letter is a declaration of unwavering love and commitment from Sukesh Chandrasekhar to Jacqueline Fernandez, despite the challenges they face.

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