*By Akansha Jubilee Merahkie, Editor-in-Chief of HBNN.press*

In the ever-evolving landscape of Bollywood, new talents emerge like shooting stars, capturing the hearts of audiences with their sheer dedication and natural flair. One such rising star is Pranutan Bahl, whose journey in the industry has been nothing short of mesmerizing. In an exclusive interview with HBNN.press, Pranutan opens up about her experiences, challenges, and aspirations.

Akansha Jubilee Merahkie (AJM): Pranutan, it’s a pleasure to have you with us today. Let’s start with your debut in Bollywood with “Notebook.” How did that opportunity come about, and what was it like stepping into the spotlight?

Pranutan Bahl (PB): Thank you, Akansha. It’s great to be here. “Notebook” came to me through a combination of fate and hard work. Salman Khan Films approached me after seeing my pictures and were looking for a fresh face. Stepping into the spotlight was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. I was fortunate to work with a wonderful team that made me feel comfortable throughout the process.

AJM: Your performance in “Notebook” received praise for its authenticity. How do you approach your roles to make them feel real and relatable to the audience?

PB: For me, it’s all about understanding the character’s emotions, motivations, and experiences. I try to connect with their journey on a personal level, which helps me portray them with authenticity. I also observe people around me to infuse real-life nuances into my performances.

AJM: Undoubtedly, you’ve had your share of challenges as a newcomer in the industry. How do you overcome self-doubt and stay motivated?

PB: Self-doubt is something everyone faces, and I’m no exception. However, I’ve learned that embracing challenges and using them as opportunities to grow is crucial. My family’s support and my love for acting keep me motivated. Also, focusing on the process rather than the outcome helps me stay grounded.

AJM: That’s a valuable perspective. As you’ve progressed in your career, what kind of roles do you aspire to take on in the future?

PB: I’m drawn to roles that challenge me as an actor and allow me to explore different aspects of human emotions. Diverse characters that are relatable yet unique are what I’m looking forward to portraying. As an artist, growth and versatility are my driving forces.

AJM: Speaking of growth, social media has become a significant platform for celebrities to connect with their fans. How do you balance your presence on social media with your private life?

PB: It’s a delicate balance, indeed. I believe in being genuine and sharing moments that truly resonate with me. While I appreciate the connection with fans, I also value my privacy. Setting boundaries and being selective about what I share helps me maintain that balance.

AJM: With your journey in Bollywood just beginning, what message would you like to send to aspiring actors who look up to you?

PB: To all aspiring actors, I would say believe in your dreams and work tirelessly to achieve them. Remember that setbacks are stepping stones to success, and every experience, good or bad, contributes to your growth. Stay true to yourself, and success will follow.

In a world where stars are born every day, Pranutan Bahl’s sincerity and dedication stand out, promising a bright future in the realm of cinema. As we conclude this insightful conversation, we eagerly await her upcoming projects and the indelible mark she will continue to leave on the silver screen.

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