In Mumbai, the Dongri police took legal action on Monday by filing an FIR against a drone operator who was documenting Munawar Faruqui’s victory in Bigg Boss 17, citing a breach of regulations.

Following his triumph in Bigg Boss 17, Munawar Faruqui proceeded to Dongri in Mumbai, where he was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of fans. Viral videos captured him standing on the sunroof of his car, proudly holding his trophy.

During a patrol at 4:30 pm near Char Nal, Constable Nitin Shinde, accompanied by PSI Tausif Mulla, observed the celebratory gathering and promptly reported it to the police station.

To their surprise, Shinde noticed an individual utilizing a drone camera to document the festivities. Approaching the operator, identified as Arbaaz Yusuf Khan (26), Shinde and PSI Mulla questioned him about obtaining proper permissions. Khan admitted to lacking the necessary authorization, leading to the police confiscating his drone camera.

Subsequently, authorities filed a case against Khan for violating the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s directives on drone usage, underscoring the importance of compliance with regulations to safeguard public safety.

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