Yuvaa just dropped the first episode for their one-of-its-kind chat show, ‘Be A Man, Yaar! with Nikhil Taneja’, featuring none other than ‘Beeba Munda’, Vicky Kaushal. ‘Be A Man, Yaar!’ is India’s first chat show to have a fun, candid, unfiltered, raw and real conversation on ‘modern day masculinity’.

Available to watch for FREE on Yuvaa’s YouTube channel (@weareyuvaa), ‘Be A Man, Yaar!’ aims to take the toxic out of masculinity by fostering honest, and authentic conversations about what it truly means to be a boy, a man, and ultimately, a human being. The series features renowned faces of the Indian media and entertainment industry as guests, likeKaran Johar, Nakuul Mehta, Naseeruddin Shah, Vicky Kaushal, Zakir Khan, Naveen Kasturia, Amol Parashar, Sushant Divgikar, Vishnu and Govind Kaushal.

The first episode features the ‘beeba munda’ Vicky Kushal who unabashedly opened up about the ‘inferiority complexes’ and vulnerabilities that he faced in his life. The sneak peek promises a rollercoaster of emotions as the The Great Indian Family actor spills the beans on his personal and professional journey so far, from the perspective of being a ‘man’.

From sharing his emotional fanboy moment with Hrithik Roshan to revealing how his dad, Sham Kaushal, shaped him into a strong individual, Vicky takes the audience through various ups and downs of his life. And, get this, he even admits to feeling inferior growing up because of his weight and looks – talk about keeping it real! Vicky also talks about mental health, and reveals “I have felt anxious, I have felt extremely sad and broken. I have gone through these portions, as well as the feeling of being bottled up.”

During the conversation, the host Nikhil Taneja also pops the question that has been on every #Vickat fans’ minds – how did Vicky make a move on the powerhouse icon of Indian cinema, who’s got more experience, success, and desirability on her side. Responding to this, a flushed Vicky responded, “I had trouble coming to terms with that reality. Those factors were never the reason why I fell in love with Katrina. When I came to know the human side of her, I fell in love with her. When I got to know her, I was fully in love with her, and I would want to have her as my life companion.”

Get ready to dive deep into Vicky Kaushal’s manhood journey and hear more of his swoon-worthy details, you know where to be – Yuvaa’s YouTube channel is the place to catch all the juicy details!

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