A spontaneous adventure begins. Shenaz Treasury, one of India’s top travel influencers, shall explore her way through Karnataka, with special focus on state capital Bangalore, on HistoryTV18’s newest made-for-mobile series #LivinHerStory. Known as India’s Silicon Valley and considered the beating heart of innovation in the country, Bangalore is just as renowned for its beautiful gardens, breweries and youthful buzz, alongside its brilliant IT talent. But the city has still more to offer that’s relatively unexplored. Starting Saturday, 22nd April 2023, the journey and experiences come to life on the social media accounts and pages of @ShenazTreasury, @HistoryTV18 and @FYITV18. HistoryTV18 has a strong digital ecosystem with over 12.6 Million subscribers, and Shenaz has over 2 Million followers across platforms. Over the course of 10 days, Shenaz will vlog about her experiences through posts, stories and reels.  

HistoryTV18’s latest digital series follows Shenaz’s travels and unique perspective as a woman traveller on a mission to collect smiles and stories. As one of India’s leading online content creators and the host of #LivinHerStory, Shenaz will showcase the hidden and offbeat – cultural riches, natural splendours and modern marvels of the region. The stunning sights and sounds of Karnataka await viewers every day of her trip, from amazing aerial views while dining in the sky and the joys of virtual flight, to the pursuit of inner calm at the hidden Pyramid Valley – home to the world’s largest meditation pyramid with a capacity of hosting 5,000 people at a time. There’s more of the zen and tranquil vibe at India’s first saltwater deprivation tank, where Shenaz will take the journey within, to recharge and rejuvenate.

Follow the journey to see and learn what makes Bangalore the sustainability capital of India, as Shenaz goes behind the scenes at eco-friendly restaurants that harness green energy to achieve zero-waste status. Also on the itinerary are residential projects and communities for whom sustainability is not an experiment, but a lifestyle. This theme continues as she meets the pioneering group of people who created ‘Mitti Mane’ – an eco-village made of sustainable, local raw materials with a vision to live closer to, and in harmony with nature. Understand the philosophy behind ‘Kachra Mane,’ a strikingly different dwelling from neighbouring urban homes, constructed from refuse and reused materials.

Shenaz’s infectious positivity, charm and energy will win over viewers and fans, as she sets out to discover unfamiliar locales and initiatives in and around Bangalore. Speaking about her latest trip and collaboration with HistoryTV18, Shenaz Treasury remarked, “I am super stoked and look forward to exploring one of India’s most dynamic cities on #LivinHerStory. I am looking for stories that are inspiring and new; I don’t think people follow me for travel tips, but for the lifestyle and freedom that my travels bring along with fresh stories. What is great about a city like Bangalore is that it offers a melange of adventure, wellness, modernity and local inventiveness! There is always something novel to discover in a place that thrives on innovation and is yet so beautifully connected to its roots.”

Looking forward to the launch, Arun Thapar, President Content & Communication, AETN18 says, “In recent years, HistoryTV18 has gained a significant following online with innovative and engaging content, targeting a growing audience who prefer to watch on-the-go. Social media serves as a vital source of content discovery and we have leveraged its incredible reach, to deliver mobile-first originals that offer viewers amazing local stories and experiences, which they might otherwise overlook. Younger audiences value authentic stories with immersive storytelling that combine entertainment, inspiration and learning. All the more so when created in shorter formats and delivered on personal devices for easy consumption. For our latest digital content offering, #LivinHerStory – we are excited to collaborate with Shenaz, a trusted voice in travel. As a traveller and content creator, Shenaz has built a loyal and growing fan following with her style and perspective that are unique and deeply personal. I am sure her characteristic energy and sense of wonder about places, people and new experiences, as well as the series’ format and content, will appeal to viewers.”

You can follow Shenaz’s journey #LivinHerStory on the Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter accounts of Shenaz Treasury, HistoryTV18 and FYI TV18.

The journey begins Saturday, 22nd April, 2023 onwards.

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