How does a Boeing 777 disappear into thin air, quite literally, taking with it 239 people on board? On 8th March, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished without a trace, leaving no physical evidence or concrete leads as to what happened to the aircraft or its passengers and crew. Nearly a decade later, History TV18 is set to launch History’s Greatest Mysteries: Malaysia Flight 370, which delves into the enigmatic disappearance of this passenger flight and offers a comprehensive look at an investigation that remains one of the most confounding mysteries of modern times. The special is set to premiere on 8th March, 2023, at 9 PM on History TV18.

Hosted by Academy Award nominee Laurence Fishburne, and featuring exclusive interviews with aviation experts, pilots, aerospace engineers and investigators, History TV18’s latest show aims to establish the timeline of events surrounding the plane’s disappearance, examine existing evidence, and uncover new clues from satellite data and wreckage found during the most expensive search and rescue efforts in the history of aviation.

On that fateful day, MH370 took off on a routine voyage, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Just 38 minutes into the flight, it went off the radar, leaving behind grieving families and unresolved questions. Malaysia Flight 370 sheds new light on this mystery by probing a host of plausible theories about the world’s most infamous missing aircraft, providing a fresh perspective and deeper understanding of what might have happened.

An early inquiry revealed that the plane flew off-course and deviated from its route. Why was there no distress call? Could a maintenance fault have depressurized the cabin, leading to incapacitation and an inability to think clearly due to hypoxia, instantly killing all on board? Was it an accident, caused by the breakout of a fire or a catastrophic mechanical failure? Or do the clues point towards something more sinister – an act of terrorism wherein the plane was hijacked? No idea seems off limits, when investigators dig deep into the motives of the pilot, co-pilot and passengers, exploring the possibility of a mass murder or suicide attempt.

An entire aircraft faded into the void, but the memory of the incident has endured in public consciousness. Over a period of three long years, investigative agencies and governments endeavor to follow the facts and filter out fiction. The episode delves into the heartbreaking incident which caused a global stir. Are concrete answers and closure to be found, or will each new trail lead, once again, to a dead end? Unravel the theories about the plane’s disappearance that captured the attention of the world by tuning into History’s Greatest Mysteries: Malaysia Flight 370.


History’s Greatest Mysteries: Malaysia Flight 370

Premieres on 8th March 2023, 9 PM, only on History TV18

Decipher the Top Theories Surrounding the Missing Aircraft with an Investigative Feature on History TV18 that Commemorates the Disappearance of Flight MH370

History TV18 Provides an Insightful Look into the Most Perplexing Aviation Mystery of Our Times, with History’s Greatest Mysteries: Malaysia Flight 370. Premieres 8th March 2023, 9 PM.

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