In 2017, Karan Johar embraced parenthood with the arrival of twins, a boy, and a girl, named Yash and Roohi, marking their seventh birthday on February 7, 2023. This milestone prompts reflection on their godparents.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, close confidants of Karan, hold the esteemed role as godparents to the twins, underscoring the deep familial connection between the two households.

During an episode of his show “Calling Karan Season 2,” Karan Johar was asked about his choice of godparents for his children. In response, he named Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan as the godparents to his twins. Karan embarked on the journey of co-parenting his twins alongside his 80-year-old mother, Hiroo Johar, navigating the joys and hurdles of raising his children.

In an interview with The Week, Karan revealed his initial plans to have children at the age of 40. Despite his mother’s support, he took his time to make the decision, eventually opting for surrogacy. However, the twins arrived prematurely in February instead of the planned April birth, prompting Karan to announce their birth while en route to London.

Reflecting on fatherhood during a discussion at the Indian Express Adda, Karan acknowledged the transformative impact it had on him. He expressed a newfound sense of purpose and drive, perhaps stemming from a desire to create a lasting legacy for his children. Karan also highlighted the importance of his parents granting him the freedom to pursue his professional endeavors.

This declaration underscores the profound bond between the filmmaker and the esteemed Bollywood couple. Notably, Karan Johar also holds the role of godparent to Shah Rukh and Gauri’s eldest child, Aryan Khan.

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