~ Justin-Sakshi announced as the first runner-up couple, followed by Kashish-Akashlina at the grand finale of the 14th Season ~

February 11, 2023: Navigating the unpredictable waters of true love had never been this tricky! But Splitsvillains Hamid Barkzi and Soundous Moufakir have braved the twists and turns of passion, romance and friendships to emerge victorious in the latest season of MTV Splitsvilla! Replete with dhamakedaar wild card entries, shocking revelations, and scintillating love triangles, MTV Splitsvilla X4co-powered by Wildstone Deos and Perfumes and ONN…Total Comfort, culminated in a much-anticipated power-packed Grand Finale that saw the winning couple fight tooth and nail for the coveted title, with finalists Justin-Sakshi and Kashish-Akashlina.

For Delhi-based hunk Hamid and Moroccan-French beauty Soundous, who are also former Roadies contestants, cupid struck when the girls and boys separated by the Isles of Venus and Mars respectively met, and the couple strengthened their connection over the season. Declared an ideal match by the Oracle and loved by the audience for their sizzling chemistry, the two brought their A-game on when it came to all tasks. The Grand Finale Task saw the winning couple Hamid-Soundous, and the first runner-up couple Justin-Sakshi followed by Kashish-Akashlina get ready for a journey of love and thunder to perform a multi-phase task. The task tested their physical strength, gameplay tactics and teamwork as couples, where Soundous and Hamid were to collect sparkling diamonds – a fitting representation of a true match! After Prince Narula, it is for the first time, that a Roadies winner is winning Splitsvilla as well.

Commenting on this hard-earned victory, Soundous Moufakir, said, “I am extremely happy to win MTV Splitsvilla X4 with Hamid. He is a great companion and an extremely supportive person. Given how challenging the season was, I am super proud of us for sticking together and proving the worth of our connection. Also, since there were two different villas, putting up our A-game individually was also essential this season. It’s been such a spectacular season and I’m definitely going to cherish this win.”

On emerging as the winner, Hamid Barkzi said, “Winning MTV Splitsvilla X4 after Roadies Revolution is a moment of pride for me. It’s been a rollercoaster ride and I’m glad Soundous and I could sustain the bond we established.  In spite of the obstacles and the criticism that we faced from others, we made it through. Arjun Sir made us feel comfortable on the show and Sunny Ma’am was a great guide. The experience has been superb, and we’ve made some amazing friends here.”

Arjun Bijlani, said, “This was my first season being the co-host with Sunny on MTV Splitsvilla and what a ride it’s been. The contestants are all driven and focused, whether it is to find their ideal match or to win the game. I want to congratulate Soundous and Hamid; they’ve truly shown what it takes to win while keeping their connection strong and alive.”

Sunny Leone said, “I am delighted to see Hamid and Soundous become the winners of this season. They proved their connection to be strong through this journey, which was fought with uncertainties and challenges. They truly deserve this victory and I hope to see both of them achieve things with the same zeal they showed during MTV Splitsvilla X4.”

This season of MTV Splitsvilla had two islands, Isle of Mars for the hot hunks and Isle of Venus for the gorgeous divas. Adding to this challenge, the show was peppered with sensational moments, mercurial tempers, heartfelt confessions of love and a lot more, in true-blue MTV Splitsvilla style. From Mischief Maker Uorfi Javed to reality star Moose Jattana and ex-Splitsvillain Shivam Sharma, unpredictable wild-card entries tested the dynamic connections of the Splitsvillains, ensuing in jealousies, tears, broken hearts, tender romances and controversies. The finalists – Justin-Sakshi had their own share of drama with Tara entering the show and stirring up a love triangle but the couple rose above it to reach the finale. Kashish-Akashlina also had a bumpy ride where Kashish was left heartbroken by Uorfi’s mischief-maker disguise yet equally broke multiple hearts during the run of the season. From getting announced as the first ideal match, to Mehak’s involvement with Kashish, and Queen Bee – Soundous’s support to Akashlina, it was quite a journey for them! Climbing the success ladder, the winning couple Hamid and Soundous played deftly to emerge as the victorious power couple.

Tasks like The Taste of Love, Namak Ishq Ka, Dance Challenge and Hunt in the Local Market tested the mettle of each contestant, elevating the game to a whole new level. With such a nail-biting finish, this season of MTV Splitsvilla was a perfect blend of fierce and all things fun. The hosts of the show – Arjun Bijlani and Sunny Leone made sure that nothing comes easy to the Splitsvillains and tested them on various parameters through fascinating tasks and situations. MTV Splitsvilla X4 saw tight friendships, messy encounters with exes, and passionate dates, and in the end, only true love conquered it all!

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