Colors Infinity is bringing a show that portrays the story of two brilliant police officers, Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva and Detective Sergeant Kirsten Longacre of the Scottish Police Service. The enticing plot of this show talks about Amy, who is sent on a submarine HMS Vigil the investigation of a murder. The twist in the story comes when she meets Kirsten Longacre. Watch the show to know how both ladies fight for justice and subvert patriarchy only on Colors Infinity at 1pm.

Let us dig into the best moments on the show, with the two boss ladies, Amy and Kirsten!

Professional goals set right!

Despite having issues on the personal front among Amy and Kirsten, both don’t let it affect their work. However, when they are given orders to go on a submarine together, Amy is hesitant about the idea. Kirsten then motivates and supports her through the decision and both of them head underwater to try and solve the case. Want to find out what happens after they board the submarine and solve a mystery in the depths of the big blue? Tune into Colors Infinity and find out!

Two Blossoms In The Field

Amy goes through a hard time after the untimely loss of her child and her partner. As time goes on and Amy struggles with accepting her losses, Kirsten comes into her life. Both of these women become pillars in each other’s lives, working day in and day out, making the world a better place. They work on their relationship as well, letting go of any grudges and judgements they hold. This tendency of theirs to work through every problem and have their partner’s back regardless of what happens makes them an amazing team, and even better detectives individually.

‘Almost’ Certain Death

One moment in the show that tugs at the heartstrings of everyone watching is when Amy gets stuck inside a torpedo tube inside the submarine. To make matters worse, the crew is instructed to flood the torpedo tube by the commander of the submarine, Mark Prentice. Does Amy get out of this situation safe and sound? Or does she meet her maker in a deep, dark grave? Find out what happens, only on Vigil.

Work is Worship

Amy is a very important part of the investigative department she works in, and that is because of her efficiency towards work, and her dedication towards her job. A great example of both of those virtues is the time when she shows up to work and handles everything with due diligence, even though her personal life is going through a lot of turmoil. She loses her partner and her child in a car accident, and carries that suffering on her back while handling a very important mission, to investigate the murder of Chief Petty Officer Craig Burke. She portrays all virtues of a great detective, and her team is shown to be very appreciative of the same.

Your Family Is My Family

When Amy and Kirsten get the mission to investigate a murder aboard HMS Vigil, they dive neck deep into the task and try to solve this mystery as efficiently as possible. However, in the midst of this underwater chaos, Amy realises that she has forgotten to pick up a birthday gift for her boyfriend’s daughter, Poppy. Upon realizing what is going on, Kirsten volunteers to pick up a birthday gift on Amy’s behalf and ensures that Poppy receives it. Both of these characters share chemistry on a professional as well as a personal level, making their story all the more interesting and touching.

Tune into Colors Infinity and get to know more about these two ladies who decide the course of a murder investigation.

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