In a musical fusion that transcends borders, “Anjani X” highlights the ultimate collaboration between Ezu’s vibrant verses and B Young’s distinctive international R&B flair. The sensational song “Anjani X” serves as a perfect nostalgic treat encapsulating a sample from the iconic “Ladki Badi Anjaani Hai” from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that seamlessly intertwines with English and Punjabi lyrics, creating a musical tapestry with an effortless flow that is bound to captivate global audiences.

The captivating track “Anjani X” is a phenomenal coalescence of the distinctive styles of Ezu and B Young while keeping the true spirit of Bollywood alive. Ezu’s fresh take on Punjabi verses harmonises with B Young’s unique R&B style, delivering a dynamic auditory experience that resonates across diverse music tastes. The infectious beats, sensational lyrics along with an uber cool music video makes this track an ultimate banger.

The accompanying music video features the artists Ezu and B Young in the lead as they vibe their curated jam. It serves as a visual spectacle, artfully shot to showcase the artists in their signature styles. The presence of the Bollywood inspired dancers adds that extra oomph factor to the song making it more appealing to the audiences while also bringing the magic of the East and West together in a vibrant celebration of music and movement.

Talking excitedly about their song Ezu said, “For curating “Anjani X, merging cultural influences with contemporary beats was definitely an exciting and enriching experience. I love Bollywood and Kuch Kuch Hota hai was definitely one of my favourites and to be able to sample the song “Ladki Badi Anjaani Hai” with B Young was like a pinch me moment. Can’t wait for the audiences to vibe hard to this track.”

“Anjani X is a very special song to me. It was an experience more than a song. The fusion of Bollywood sound and Punjabi lyrics with my style was an incredible journey to witness and I am so glad I did it with Ezu. I am beyond thrilled to see the response of the fans to this track.” shared the international artist B Young.

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