The show is set to air on Colors Infinity from 22nd March, Monday to Friday at 9 pm 

Based on a brilliant series of novels by Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend explores difficult questions about love, duty, family, and shame. This show portrays a beautiful yet complicated story of two friends Elena Greco and Lila Cerullo. Tragedy strikes when Elena, an author, realises that her friend Lila has gone missing without a trace. It causes Elena to reflect on the early days of their friendship from their time in school. As Elena tries to explain the mystery of Lila, the coming-of-age show goes on to cover more than 60 years of their lives. Watch this fascinating story premiering for the first time in India, exclusively on Colors Infinity from 22nd March, Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Let us look at the best moments from My Brilliant Friend!

Down the memory lane!

The very moment when Elena realizes the disappearance of her dear friend Lila, it deeply disturbs her life. This situation strikes her with nostalgia for the time when they were kids. She reminisces about the time she spent with her best friend Lila and is bound to take the viewers on a mesmerizing journey.

A friendship to die for!

Elena and Lila wanted to pursue their education but both have to put up a fight for this. While their life’s struggle unfolds, the way they have each other’s backs truly defines what friendship means. During the series of hardships, a death occurs and this sudden demise of a close one changes everything forever in their life.

Getting Creative!

After Lila’s marriage, both the girls are unable to meet each other owing to their growing responsibilities and career aspirations. It is when Lila comes out with interesting ways to see her brilliant friend, Elena that when things take a captivating turn. Despite the constraints of married life, she manages to meet Elena as frequently as possible.


This turned out to be the best and the toughest of the situations in Elena and Lila’s lives. It’s when they have to manage time to spend with each other. As the girls are growing, they are asked to search for the right man, but they end up prioritizing themselves over everything else. This is where the struggle gets real!

Elena wishes to work!

After her marriage to Pietro, she strives to be the perfect wife. Elena gives birth to a baby girl, and this turns out to be something against her life’s plan. She wanted to work and write a novel, but her duties kept her from it. This is when her friend Lila helps her to focus on work and family both.

Tune into Colors Infinity and be a part of this enthralling journey with My Brilliant Friend from 22nd March Monday to Friday at 9 PM

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