Gauri Khan, the talented interior designer, producer, and philanthropist, is not just a star wife but a star in her own right. Born on October 8th, Gauri Khan’s birthday is an occasion to celebrate not only her remarkable journey alongside her superstar husband, Shah Rukh Khan, but also her outstanding achievements in various fields. In this article, we will take a closer look at Gauri Khan’s life, career, and contributions that make her an inspiring figure.

Early Life and Family

Gauri Khan, whose maiden name is Gauri Chhibber, was born in Delhi in 1970. She grew up in a middle-class family and pursued her education in the capital city. Little did she know that her life would soon be intertwined with Bollywood royalty.

Her love story with Shah Rukh Khan began during their college days. Despite coming from different religious backgrounds, they tied the knot in 1991. Their marriage has been a testament to love transcending boundaries and remains one of Bollywood’s most enduring relationships.

Achievements in Interior Design

Gauri Khan’s foray into interior design marked a significant turning point in her career. She founded her interior design studio, “Gauri Khan Designs,” which has since garnered international recognition. Her distinctive style blends contemporary and traditional elements, creating stunning spaces for residential and commercial projects.

Some of her notable projects include designing the interiors of Mannat, her own house with Shah Rukh Khan, and collaborating with prestigious brands like Ralph Lauren and Sussanne Khan’s “The Charcoal Project.” Gauri’s design sensibilities have earned her a place among India’s top interior designers.

Producer and Philanthropist

Gauri Khan ventured into film production with her company, Red Chillies Entertainment, alongside her husband. She played a crucial role in producing successful Bollywood films like “Main Hoon Na,” “Om Shanti Om,” and “Chennai Express,” further establishing her presence in the entertainment industry.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Gauri is also known for her philanthropic work. She has supported several charitable causes and has been actively involved in initiatives related to children’s health and education.

Role Model and Style Icon

Gauri Khan has also become a style icon for many, with her impeccable fashion sense and grace. Her red carpet appearances are eagerly anticipated, and she often sets fashion trends with her choice of outfits.


As we celebrate Gauri Khan’s birthday, it’s clear that she is much more than a celebrity spouse. Her journey from a modest upbringing to a successful interior designer and film producer is an inspiration to many. Her ability to balance her career, family life, and philanthropic efforts demonstrates her versatility and commitment to making a positive impact.

On this special day, let’s applaud Gauri Khan not only for being a loving wife and mother but also for her remarkable achievements in the fields of interior design, film production, and philanthropy. Her story serves as a reminder that talent, determination, and passion can lead to extraordinary success, regardless of one’s background. Happy Birthday, Gauri Khan!

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