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10th March 2023: With the element of comedy at its very heart, Atypical is one such show that raises a sensitive issue like autism and tries to create awareness about the same. This is the story of 18-year-old Sam Gardner who deals with autism. He decides to give romance and love a shot and sets out to find the perfect girl for himself. The show then takes us around his life, including his family and friends. Watch Atypical every Monday to Friday at 10 pm only on Comedy Central.

Let’s take a look at some awe-inspiring moments from the new comedy series – Atypical!

An act of heroism by Sam!

One fine day when an unpredictable incident took place where Paige lost her way. The viewers are very aware of the fear Sam has when it comes to public speaking and this came out as a shocking thing when he stood up, grabbed the note from her and went on the stage straight away to give the speech on behalf of her. Everyone applauded this act of heroism by him and praised him for the same.

An unpredictable presentation!

Sam’s love for penguins is not hidden from anyone around his class and the viewers. One fine day during a presentation in the classroom he came up all prepared to showcase the life story of those little penguins and the struggle they faced during their entire life. Everyone was so touched when he showcased their struggle and compared the same with his classmates.

A Sweet gesture by Paige!

Paige wished to attend Winter Formal with Sam, but due to his lack of interest in music, she thought of a unique idea to take him along and make Sam dance with her at the event. The idea she used was a silent disco. Yes, the music was played right in the ears of the attendees, and this is how she made Sam dance with her resulting in it being the best-ever romantic event in their life.

Paige is always there for Sam!

Here comes the reason for Paige losing her voice, it was because of the bullies you use to harass Sam in the classroom. There were some classmates who wrote some mean comments on the yearbook of Sam and Paige took this upon themselves. Later, she fought with them and yelled at them so much that she had to lose her voice because of the same. She proved herself and showcased that she is always there for Sam.

An unexpected buyer!

Paige is sad when she finds a red canoe with her because of the bad memories of failure associated with it. She somehow turned out to be a happy soul when she came to know that she has got a buyer for the same. Everyone around was so shocked when they found that the buyer is none other than Sam. Watch the entire show to know what happens next in the story of Sam and Paige.

Tune into Comedy Central and be a part of Sam’s rather Atypical journey, every Monday to Friday at 10 PM!

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