The Best Anti-Littering Message is Satire Christopher Wells, a Brooklyn based filmmaker has always hated litter but was especially motivated to produce a satirical film Don’t Litter in Prospect Park!! after his beloved park was trashed by complete idiots! The sad truth is, people still litter in our parks even though there are plenty of trash receptacles. Why aren’t getting the message? They will now.

If we agree that people who litter are morons then why not write a script that showcases them as such? In Christopher’s bizarre film these greasers with big John Travolta hair are wonderfully stupid and are hunted down by a deranged madman who seeks bloody vengeance!. His heavy breathing and raged fury results in over the top carnage.

Christopher makes no apology for shaming people who litter in his film. Littering is 100% preventable and it’s sheer laziness that prevents these losers from cleaning up after themselves. The film was shot over two days at Prospect Park and runs 13 minutes 46 seconds. Check out the film’s dedicated webpage here.

At one point the NYPD came to where Wells and his crew were shooting and to his surprise thanked him for his efforts. At first he thought he was going to be kicked out based off the fact his makeup artist left a bloody mask spiked on top of a C-stand that was later used for one of the hilarious killings in the film. The police seemed to have a good sense of humor and the shoot continued. They also laughed and were curious about the unicorn mask that was also a prop. Yes, this film has a talking unicorn.

Don’t Litter in Prospect Park!! will screen December 10th at the Shockfest Film Festival and will be available for everyone on his YouTube channel December 11th.

Logline: A trio of greasers attempt a sadistic takeover of Prospect Park to make it more mean. Little do they know, an obsessively anti-littering madman lurks in the woods preying on them.

Tagline: You litter, you die!

If you hate litter but love sweet vengeance with a big ol’ slice of retro, you’ll go hair pulling crazy when you watch Don’t Litter in Prospect Park!! It’s so dumb it’s brilliant.

Christopher is no stranger to producing films that have an underlying message. His website showcases a wide variety of his work including films of all genres. When not making films to entertain, he’s producing marketing videos and commercial photography for his clients that range from big to small companies and savvy individuals.

“I believe the power of satire is more powerful than if I tried to make a serious film about a serous problem.”

— Christopher Wells

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