National crush Rohit Saraf penned an emotional note for his latest release ‘Woh Bhi Din The’, which marked his first film as an actor but made its way to the audience after 11 years of being shot. Interestingly, the actor was just 15 when he shot the Sajid Ali directorial.  

In the note, Rohit mentioned how he poured his heart into the project and how it is a reminder of how far he has come as an actor. He recalled how back then, he didn’t have the pressure of how he’d be perceived by the audience. “I knew close to nothing, sought guidance from director Sajid Ali in every aspect. And when I think about it now, I cherish and miss the not knowing,” he said. The actor added, “[The film has] given me a lot more than I could’ve imagined – from instilling my first flicker of hope to inspiring my longest – most fervent prayer. From being my first heartbreak to giving me moments of profound acceptance and now eventually an overwhelming sense of gratitude.”

He continued, “On March 27, I watched the finished film with our cast and crew, I felt the same thrill, excitement and dance as I did just when I was 15 – but I found it really hard to recognise the boy I was. Everything’s changed – our lives, the way we look of course, who we are as people, but also…not really.” The Sajid Ali directorial takes audience back in time as the film’s plot revolves around high school adventures of young boys. The film is streaming on Zee5. 

Currently, Rohit is looking forward to ‘Mismatched 3’.

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