After the recent release of a documentary shedding light on their revived romance, Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were photographed engaging in a passionate display of affection in Venice.

Captured by the paparazzi, the duo shared an intimate moment, kissing against a wall following a lunch date, reaffirming their love in public and dispelling any rumors of discord.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who recently discussed the reasons behind their canceled 2003 wedding, were seen demonstrating the strength of their relationship. Over the weekend, observers witnessed the couple embracing and kissing affectionately against a wall in Venice, California, after sharing a meal together. Clad in matching blue jeans and cozy winter attire, they appeared perfectly in sync, exuding a natural sense of closeness.

Despite speculation among some internet users about potential trouble between them, the high-profile Hollywood couple, who tied the knot in 2022, dismissed these rumors. Waiting for their car after a recent lunch, they seized the moment to share a kiss and display affection on the sidewalks.

Recently, 54-year-old Jennifer reflected on her fashion choices over the past two decades in a Vogue video interview, also discussing her marriage to 51-year-old husband Ben.

Jennifer Lopez’s latest documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” has garnered attention for its revelations about the actor’s private life. In the film, Lopez discusses how their wedding plans crumbled just days before the ceremony.

“Ben and I broke up three days before our wedding,” reveals Jennifer Lopez in the documentary. “We had a big wedding planned — 14 ushers and bridesmaids, and three days before we just crumbled under the pressure,” she adds.

Ben Affleck concurs, stating, “When Jen and I broke up before, the catalyst for that was the massive amount of scrutiny around our private life.” The documentary also chronicles Lopez’s musical project, “This Is Me… Now,” directed by Dave Meyers.

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