Richa Gupta Films released the announcement poster for the title “AUHAAM”. The first look of the poster is extremely intriguing and has left the viewers questioning about the cast and makers of the film.

The new poster is a police headlight shining, which says a lot and very little at the same time. From what can be concluded from the new look, the film looks like it will be a high energy cop thriller.

The word around the movie is that with this release a big star of Bollywood is set to make a comeback on the silver screens after a long time. Twiteratti is very interested in finding out more details about this film and the hashtag #AuhaamHaiKya has been trending with the questions rising like who is this star? Where have we seen him? Is it a new avatar for the revered actor or is he back with his iconic role?

These questions will revolve around till something additional comes from the makers side in terms of information. In the meantime, we only have our speculation and intrigue to build on!

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