For the youth of this country, MTV Roadies is not just a show. It is the embodiment of adventure, courage and entertainment put together. While the exciting teaser and theme for the newest season of MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand just got revealed, let’s dwell back into the highlighting moments of Season 18 right from the wilderness of South Africa and Sonu Sood being the ultimate commander to exploring the deadliest bungee jumping and dancing on Hindi chartbusters in South Africa.

Sonu’s Desi Avatar in South Africa –

It was for the first time in Season 18 when the fans of MTV Roadies witnessed Sonu Sood as the commander of the show. Known to be a man of principles, Sonu was seen guiding the contestants at every point in their journey, as well as sharing some fun-filled moments with them. The fans witnessed a never-before-seen avatar of Sonu when he brought his desi swagger to South Africa by relishing ‘Punjab Ke Samose’ with the cast and crew.

The Lavish Villa! –

Despite dealing with the power-packed and adventurous tasks along with indulging in treacherous terrains around the campsite, the contestants were at peace when they got to know about the gorgeous villa that they were going to stay in. The funny banter, the exotic rejuvenation, and so much more that happened in the villa gave everyone a perfect treat after the scariest of stunts.

Going Down the Waterfalls of Friendship –

One of the most difficult tasks in season 18 was where buddies’ friendships were tested. The contestants were paired in two and were tasked with climbing down a treacherous waterfall. The reward at the bottom of this waterfall was immunity. Given the challenging task and high stakes, the contestants showed collaboration, trust and a leap of faith in their friends and completed the task to establish the grounds of their friendship.

Dance on Hippest Hindi Chartbusters! –

Topping the entertainment quotient, Roadies were asked to dance to some popular Bollywood songs to entertain the locals of South Africa. They took this challenge head-on and moved out of their comfort zones in order to put up a show. They danced gracefully and freely to the Bollywood chartbusters playing. That being said, this task turned out to be an icebreaker, resulting in showcasing chemistry between many of them.

The deadliest Bungee Jumping! –

Sonu Sood, the man of principles and the ultimate commander of MTV Roadies Season 18 shocked everyone when he performed a deadly bungee jump in South Africa. He jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge, which is at a height of 216 meters, and flew over the city to make a safe landing. The entire cast and crew were thrilled with the exceptional stunt done by their commander and left speechless by his courage.

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