he upcoming episodes of MTV Splitsvilla X4 are bound to blow our minds with the newest wild card entry of Shivam Sharma sending shockwaves across the villa. The viewers will witness Arjun Bijlani sizing up the contestants to correct their lingo and mannerisms. During a task, we will see Shivam Sharma crossing a line and passing a nasty comment on Kashish Thakur’s father.

Kashish, who was calm initially, will be seen losing his temper and will try to hit Shivam on the show. With everyone trying to stop the fight, Kashish has a mental breakdown where he starts sobbing. To combat the situation, Arjun Bijlani will console Kashish and give him a shoulder to cry on. 

In consolation, he says, “Even I don’t have a father and I know what you must be feeling right now, as I have gone through the same thing. I apologize on everyone’s behalf. I am sorry.” Arjun addresses all the contestants and specially Shivam, saying, “It is extremely wrong to speak about anyone’s parents. Please don’t justify what you have said. Kashish is crying and he’s extremely hurt. You guys will never know what triggers them. Avoid speaking about anyone’s parents, it’s a request.” 

Arjun Bijlani has always been the sweetest on the show and with this act of his, he proved his grounded demeanour and his values right once again. This definitely makes him the heartthrob of the nation.

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