Bollywood actress Anu Aggarwal, renowned for her role in Aashiqui, was spotted dancing to African drum beats in Mumbai.

Responses flooded social media after the clip surfaced. One fan praised her as “super sexy,” while another described her dance as sheer happiness. Admirers also lauded her physique, with comments like “Perfect 10!” and “bhaut sunder.”

Anu started her career in modeling and later starred in the popular TV series Isi Bahane on Doordarshan. Her breakthrough came with the 1990 hit Aashiqui opposite Rahul Roy. She later disclosed her conversion to Buddhism in 2001 and recently opened up about her personal life.

Speaking to Bollywood Life, Anu expressed uncertainty about her love life, pondering, “What happened to my love life?” She reflected on her openness and the unpredictable nature of love, emphasizing the genuine affection she receives from children as fulfilling a different aspect of her need for love.

She emphasized that genuine love transcends grand gestures, advocating for a reevaluation of the concept of love to appreciate its subtleties and smaller expressions.

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