In some ways motorcycle riding is a singular thing. Flying down the highway, you feel like one with the universe. Even when you are riding with a group, there is that euphoric feeling of the world being narrowed down to just you. But when you aren’t on your bike you may seek the solace and conversation of other people who know exactly how you feel. Owning a motorcycle puts in a club all of your own, but inside that community are a number of subcultures ready to share the journey with you. Online groups exist for these groups to get together.

Calling All H.O.G.S.

Harley-Davidson owners aren’t just motorcycle enthusiasts; they are part of a community and a mindset. They like to share stories about the places they’ve been on their bikes, things they have seen, and rallies they have attended. Put 2 people with Harley T-shirts in a room with 100 others and within an hour they will find each other and start talking about their hog. goes one step better in networking them to a H.O.G. which stands for Harley Owner’s Group. These chapters exist in almost every city and have online forums and connections as well for people who don’t live near a Harley metropolis. H.O.G’s share information but they also usually combine to do charity events and public services as well.

Just For The Ladies

Earlier in history motorcycles were just something for men. Very few women rode them and those who did rode on the back of a cycle driven by a man. Now there are women riders, owners, designers and racers. To get these ladies together to share the joys and frustrations of female life on the road there is WOW (Women On Wheels). WOW has an online chat community, chapters, mileage programs and clubs and even an online page in memoriam for female riders who have passed away. You can attend a WOW rally or see a schedule of all their planned trips and meetings. WOW claims it is one of the older female motorcycle associations in the United States.

Find Your Match

For the biker who has everything but someone to share the ride with, there is even an online dating service to help you meet someone with like interests and their own set of wheels. Bikerkiss is the web’s number one biker dating service. It has the traditional trappings of any online match program: profiles, winks, location finders, interest lists, search by location and of course pictures. The only real difference is that almost of all of the pictures show women or men with their motorcycles.

The site lists a host of testimonials and success stories. There is also a link to motorcycle events and rallies so you can meet someone in a group if that is how you would prefer to do it. The site offers a “circle of friends” for those just looking to build community, and does a great job creating an interest group for single bikers across the United States.

No matter where you’re bound, with the online opportunities out there for motorcycle riders, you’ll never have to truly journey alone.

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