Alia Bhatt, who debuted in “Student Of The Year,” now stands as one of Hindi cinema’s youngest empresses, she is most versatile and talented actress of current generation.

Alia’s journey saw her transformation into a powerhouse performer, notably seen in her 31st birthday celebrations today.

1. Gangubai Kathiawadi (2022): Alia’s portrayal in this Sanjay Bhansali masterpiece as Gangubai is a tour de force, embodying the character’s strength and vulnerability with unprecedented depth.

2. Highway (2014): Despite some narrative ambiguities, Alia’s performance as a kidnapping victim turned complex character showcased her raw talent and ability to delve into profound emotions.

3. Going Home (2014): In this short film, Alia’s portrayal of a stranded girl oblivious to the sinister intentions of her co-passengers highlighted her ability to convey complexity through subtlety.

4. Udta Punjab (2016): Alia’s portrayal of a persecuted drug addict in Punjab displayed her versatility and depth, bringing authenticity to her character amidst complex social and political themes.

5. Raazi (2018): Despite the film’s narrative inconsistencies, Alia’s performance as a female spy navigating moral ambiguities showcased her consistent brilliance amidst challenging circumstances.

6. Gully Boy (2019): In a supporting role as Murad’s girlfriend, Alia’s charisma and charm brought vibrancy to her character, leaving a lasting impact despite limited screen time.

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