Vikrant Massey, buoyed by the success of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s “12th Fail,” disclosed in an interview with Samdish how his brother’s conversion to Islam prompted reflection on religion within his family.

Massey shared, “My brother, named Moeen, chose to convert to Islam, while I am known as Vikrant. The decision puzzled some, but our family supported him in his religious journey, acknowledging his quest for satisfaction. He made this choice at 17, which was significant.”

Reflecting on his family’s diverse religious background, Massey revealed, “My mother follows Sikhism, while my father is a devout Christian who attends church twice weekly. Growing up, I witnessed debates surrounding religion and spirituality.”

Despite facing scrutiny from extended relatives regarding his brother’s conversion, Massey’s father stood firm, asserting, “It’s not their concern. He’s my son, and his choices are his own.” This stance prompted Vikrant to explore the concept of religion further, recognizing its man-made nature.

Massey emphasized his appreciation for Hindu cultural traditions, separate from religious adherence. He explained, “I find value in Hindu customs due to my cultural ties, independent of religious beliefs. These traditions are ingrained in me, reminiscent of my upbringing. Celebrating Diwali, unique to India, is a part of my heritage and childhood.”

Regarding “12th Fail,” directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and featuring Medha Shankr in a prominent role, Massey spoke highly of the film’s success and its exploration of themes relevant to contemporary society.

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