Currently engrossed in promoting his debut Telugu venture, “Saindhav,” Nawazuddin Siddiqui recently confessed to not fully committing himself to his Tamil debut, “Petta,” which starred Rajinikanth in the lead role.

Reflecting on his experience during an interview with Galatta Plus, the “Gangs Of Wasseypur” actor expressed regret over his lack of effort in understanding the essence of his dialogues in the Rajinikanth-starrer. Siddiqui admitted to merely lip-syncing without grasping the meaning behind his lines, a realization that left him feeling guilty.

Recalling his time on the set of “Petta,” Siddiqui revealed his struggle with comprehending the language and expressed his unease at receiving praise for a performance he felt was lacking in authenticity. He confessed to feeling fraudulent for accepting payment for a job he didn’t fully understand.

To alleviate his sense of remorse, Siddiqui made a concerted effort to immerse himself fully in his role for “Saindhav.” He took charge of his dubbing and diligently deciphered the meaning behind each dialogue, significantly reducing his feelings of guilt.

Released in 2019, “Petta” received mixed reviews, with praise directed towards Rajinikanth’s performance and technical aspects, while facing criticism for its writing shortcomings.

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