The youngest and supremely talented Sagar Bhatia keeps the essence of Qawwali alive with his latest and soul stirring melody “Mera Ishq”.This soulful composition quintessentially delves into the depth of love and devotion while transcending the boundaries of conventional music, offering listeners a symphony of emotions. 

The mesmerising rhythm and evocative lyrics of Mera Ishq,paints a vivid picture of the everlasting presence of the beloved in all aspects of existence. This resonating piece of love curated by Sagar Bhatia with his unique touch of Qawwali is a masterpiece that makes you feel a whirl of emotions in its purest possible sense. The song creates an immersive experience for the audiences to just listen and surrender to the power of love and devotion. 

Talking passionately about his new release Sagar shared, “ Qawwali is not just music, its art and my way of doing a Qawwali is different and very unique. Mera Ishq was my first ever Qawwali that I wrote and now it’s my first to release too. The beautiful thing about this song is that it will resonate with every soul that will listen to this melody. No matter who one pictures while listening to this song the ultimate emotion is going to be of pure love and devotion and that is so beautiful. Mera Ishq is my start to a new journey of creating some heart touching songs and I am beyond excited to cater my music to the audiences.” 

Listen to Mera Ishq by Sagar Bhatia here:

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