Vikrant Massey expressed remorse for a tweet he posted back in April 2018 featuring a cartoon depicting Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, amidst his current success with the film “12th Fail.”The tweet included an editorial cartoon showing Sita commenting on Ram’s devotees, which drew backlash upon resurfacing. Vikrant removed the tweet and issued an apology to the Hindu community, acknowledging the insensitivity of the post.Reflecting on the tweet, Vikrant stated, “It was never my intention to hurt, malign or disrespect the Hindu community,” expressing regret for the distasteful nature of the cartoon and apologizing to those who were offended.In the original tweet from 2018, Vikrant shared the political cartoon in response to rape incidents making headlines at the time, with Sita depicted saying, “I’m so glad I was kidnapped by Ravan and not by your bhakts!” He also criticized the handling of the incidents with hashtags like #KathuaCase and #Unnao.Recently, Vikrant revealed personal insights, mentioning his brother’s conversion to Islam at 17, his father’s Christianity, and his mother’s Sikh faith. Reflecting on his upbringing, he shared his journey of questioning religion’s essence, viewing it as a human construct, shaped by witnessing religious debates and exploring spirituality.

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